[Vwdiesel] Cold starting problems - 1.6TD

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Mon Jan 9 16:19:39 EST 2006

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Subject: Cold starting problems - 1.6TD

> Check its not a pump problem...
> Remove power to glow plugs and:
> Crank over engine with return line draped into a jar.Plenty 'o' fuel?
> Remove nuts on all four lines at injectors. Lift up lines to 'unseat' them
> crank again and watch for even pulses of fuel dribbling out.
> The President...
> Svend sez Thank You Mr. President  -----I kind of missed you for a while.---- I know
> Wolfe comes from ---Temagami Lake Ont.Kanada --I was there.
> http://www3.telus.net/public/gjwolfe/gmwvw.htm
> Look at his pictures  ? ---Battery Heater  --Block heater --etc     For hundred below
> need ALL the help you can get.
> I am trying to help Spangen. ----- One simple thing you can do  is advance the IP  a FAT
> pencil line ---BUT remember to retard it in the spring.
> Let me say I took my apprectiship as a COOL starter  --in Sandy Cameron land --and
> graduated in James Hansen land ----BUT I was also in the Arctic.----good training sure
> important when the frost is on them Pumpkins. ----When you have to break the flame of
> CANDLE ---you know it is going to be a Coooooool night. -----I remember my breath
> sublimating to snow ----and my ears froze solid.
> Spangen you have to start at the BATTERY ----good place to start ? START ?. --Your
> is cranking RPM   and if you do not get em --you must test the Battery FIRST.---Have you
> got a digital multi meter ?  .----can be had for ten bucks..
> If you need more instructions ?  ---The President and I are willing.
> Svend.
> PS :   If Battery is brand new ?  ---you must clean and lubricate all connections. ---VW
> is notorius for bad connections to frame etc ---I use Vaseline for lubrication.--Why
> a brand new battery terminal with sandpaper ?  ---It MUST be done. --And cover with
> Vaseline immediately----not tomorrow .--OK ?.

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