[Vwdiesel] Occasional hard starting, ideas?

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Are you sure that DOT-5 Liquid Smoke and DOT-3,4 are
compatable?  I thought you could cause serious damage
by combining the two!  I'd have to replace the entire
smoke system to be able to switch to DOT-5!  

Anyway, thanks for the good point on the insulation. 
I checked it around the 50 amp fuse and didn't see
signs that the insulation had melted.  I'll check the
rest of the wiring better.

How about moving the fuse to somewhere between the
battery and the relay?  I can't think of a reason that
that could hurt something, and it seems like it would
help protect the relay in the future.

The funny thing is that the relay still works most of
the time! 

I did find a kit on ebay that included a fast relay
and glow plugs new for about $80 shipped.  All Bosch. 
I also found a couple with a relay and four plugs, but
they were all used for about $50.  

I think I'd rather go with new, but does the $80 price
tag sould reasonable-that would include shipping.


--- James Hansen <jhsg at sasktel.net> wrote:

> David confesses:
> When I went to test drive it, the first time I
> turned
> the key, as the glow plugs cycled, all that really
> happened was smoke came out of the engine
> compartment
> and the area near the relays. (I presume the GP
> Relay.)
> I discovered that the little fuse box for the GPs
> was
> shorted against the block.  (I've never screwed it
> to
> the firewall... [sheepish look on face])
> I quickly fixed that and finally got around to
> putting
> in an actual fuse.  [another sheepish look]
> ________
> The trouble will be with the relay David.
> When the wires touched the block, it let the smoke
> out of the glow plug
> wiring harness, and drained the glow plug relay's
> smoke reservoir, that
> replenishes the wiring harness smoke supply.
> When this happens, you need to go to a good
> automotive supplier, same guys
> that sell the high grade silicone blinker fluid. You
> may have to special
> order this, but the parts counter guys usually keep
> a can or two of Wynn's
> Liquid Smoke under the counter.  Carefully remove
> the cap of the glow plug
> relay, locate the smoke tank, and refill.  It's a
> tedious job since the
> funnel needed is pretty small, and the smoke is
> quite viscous and runs
> slowly, but refill this tank and all should be well.
>  If they have DOT-5
> liquid smoke on hand, use that, it operates at much
> higher temperatures, and
> will stay in the components much longer than the
> standard OEM DOT-3.  Read
> the warning labels and be careful with the stuff,
> wear gloves and eye
> protection.
> Hope this helps.
> -James
> scroll down..
> You have no power to the glow plugs at present. 
> Your have a minor starting
> issue, but when there is a dead short at the end of
> an unfused circuit like
> you described, everything from the battery + post to
> the grounding point
> (Where your glow plug fuse holder was swinging in
> the wind and touched the
> block)  gets hot.  The glow plug circuit from the
> battery + to the relay is
> not fused, there is only a fuse after the firewall
> connection to protect the
> circuit.
> The thinner the wire, the hotter it gets. The relay,
> the relay plug, spade
> connectors within the relay plug (socket), the wires
> to the glow plug relay
> are all now suspect.  DISCONNECT THE BATTERY, remove
> the relay panel, and
> inspect the wiring before your car catches fire
> again.  There can be wires
> with the insulation partially melted just patiently
> waiting to short circuit
> and let the smoke out of the rest of the car. I
> would strongly suggest you
> do this before trying to drive it again.
> -James
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