[Vwdiesel] Occasional hard starting, ideas?

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 23:40:14 EST 2006

Actually, I found a whole fast glow kit for old
Rabbits on that site.  It was a  few bucks more than
the one on ebay though.

I'll probably soon have a second relay holder, because
there is a strong chance that I'll be parting a Passat
soon which has a couple similar holders.

I checked out the relay socket (which is totally
separate from the rest of the fuse panel) and there
was some slight "meltage" but it doesn't appear to be
much of any consequence.  Again, I am surprised at how
little the actual damage was when considering how much
current was probably going through there.

I think I will go new because I do know that it is a
big pain to change a couple of those plugs-not quite
like a TDI.



--- James Hansen <jhsg at sasktel.net> wrote:

> How about moving the fuse to somewhere between the
> battery and the relay?  I can't think of a reason
> that
> that could hurt something, and it seems like it
> would
> help protect the relay in the future.
> ____
> The newer cars do have it that way, plus a fuse
> after the relay as well.
> The funny thing is that the relay still works most
> of
> the time!
> I did find a kit on ebay that included a fast relay
> and glow plugs new for about $80 shipped.  All
> Bosch.
> I also found a couple with a relay and four plugs,
> but
> they were all used for about $50.
> ___
> Go new.  It's enough work to change glow plugs
> without putting in used
> plugs.
> It'll keep working until it goes foof.  I'd be
> mostly concerned with the
> wiring at the back of the relay plug. That's where
> the majority of your
> resistance would be that you can't see... and the
> hottest area. You can't
> see this unless you pull the relay panel, and it
> really is not hard.  Worth
> a look for peace of mind.
> 80 bucks isn't all that bad actually.  The
> stopshopand drive link only had
> plugs for tdi's, but were a good price for those.
> -James

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