[Vwdiesel] Biodiesel from algae

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Fri Jan 13 05:39:47 EST 2006


>>I agree with Pat, the excessive complexity of the hybrid drivetrain lends
itself not well to where we live.  Urban where it's warm, yeah, maybe, but
here on the prairies, the anemic gas engine runs on the hybrids continuously
because it's all highway miles getting across the comparatively large
distances. The mileage really sucks on them when the engine has to run

	One of my relatives bought a gasoline-electric hybrid for his daily
20-mile commute to work.  He's a mechanical engineer by training and had
some interesting observations. He bought it for two reasons: the tax credit,
and the ability to use the HOV lane, which turned a twice daily 2-hour
ordeal into a couple of short hops.  Since using the HOV lane turns the trip
into a relatively straight shot, fuel economy has been disappointing.  The
complexity in effect makes the cars disposable- once the drivetrain warranty
expires, you get rid of it.
	An unforeseen consequence of the HOV privilege is that the hybrid
badges have become desirable among the unscrupulous- he's on his third set,
and dealers have responded predictably to the increased demand for
replacement badges.. Finally, the HOV privilege has proven to be so
successful that his state is ending the privilege in the foreseeable future.
The impact on sales will be interesting.  He's looking into a TDI for the
fuel economy.
	Scott Kair   

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