[Vwdiesel] Pipe-up

The President quantum-man at hotmail.co.uk
Sat Jan 14 19:04:58 EST 2006

>I agree somewhat, and yet disagree at the same time.  I use that technique
>well and frequently for my own personal enjoyment and peace of mind.  There 
>times when I'm busy that all the posts go in the trash (sorry guys).  But 
>is not really the concern.  More of a concern to me is the hypothetical,
>intelligent, kind-hearted newcomer who lurks short term, sees a lot of 
>that is both off-topic and unappealing, and leaves deciding to never post
>anything.  My imagination says there has been more than one missed positive
>opportunity to meet another good vw diesel lover due to this, but that's 
>just my

...Of course there is the possibility that any newcomer would have found it 
easier to join elsewhere first and thence found that this is actually a 
relatively sedate forum unlike some where you might get into a fight over 
thermosyphoning ;o)

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