[Vwdiesel] new N/A Injection pump question

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 23:00:39 EST 2006

Adirondack sells this:
which has simply the solenoid.  

I can't afford at this time to just replace the pump
for the purpose of having cold start advance in the
diesel Cabby (still has no cable, LOL) but if
something ever happens to the current pump, I would be
strongly tempted to replace it this way.

Unfortunately, the pump was rebuilt not more than
15-20,000 miles ago.  (Well, that is actually a good
thing, until I start jonesing for an excuse to replace

Shawn, I wonder if maybe your pump was possibly
produced for some period where it was to be used for a
replacement on more than one model so they included
two options for advancing.  Then they decided to just
do the solenoid option.  Something like that...


--- Shawn Wright <swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca> wrote:

> My TD pump off Ebay has both the solenoid and the
> lever. The solenoid appears to have no 
> effect when powered, but this doesn't mean much, as
> the pump is known to have other 
> problems, so it may have been messed with. I'd love
> to hear about making a lever free cold 
> start advance for my TD Westy! (that was the reason
> I bought this pump...)

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