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Search the archives for Svend's Blotter Test.  With full synthetic you
are absolutely right.  No need to change the oil as often.  On the newer
TDI's VW suggests every 10K and synthetic oil use ONLY.  5,000 on your
diesel with synthetic would not be risky at all.  For those of us who
still use dino oil, 3,000 mile oil changes is cheap insurance.


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yes, i know 3K miles for oil changes is a good habit
and one i practice. But...

we change oil on a gas engine because of acid and gas
buildup in the oil (and minute metal shavings, of
course). But on a diesel, my understanding is the
diesel fuel + combustion prioducts are in fact
lubricants themselves, and don't foul the oil like gas
engines. So, other than the minute metal shavings, why
do we change out oil every 3K miles, when we could
probably go much longer? Assuming we have not cooked
teh oil from running hot and are running top notch
synthetic (rotella, amsoil, etc).

whose rig needs an oil change (and will get one tomorrow...)

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