[Vwdiesel] Fuel Filter

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
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It sort of depends on what you're feeding it.
If the fuel is clean, and you have a maintenance program involving regular
use of some ani-water additive, I get 100K km out of a filter, and even
then, I'm not changing it because things are wrong.  If you aren't putting
dirt or water into it, there is little reason to change it in my opinion.
I have had what I thought was a fuel filter plug once in my lifetime, and
that was on machinery, but it turned out to be the inlet getting plugged
with a piece of straw anyway, oh, and once with water from a grain truck I
just bought... other than that, that's about all I ever remember HAVING to
change one.

I have had a situation once where the o-ring sealing recurculation temp
sensor on top of the expensive filter had a tiny air leak in, but no fuel
out.  I was getting what you describe.
Remember too, any line leaks are going to be made worse by a restriction at
the tank supply, since the pump has to pull more vacuum to get fuel, which
it shouldn't have to.  When I've had a vac gauge on the line to test for
restriction, there pretty much was none, at least below the resolution of my

Oh, and don't ever assume new fuel line is good.  Blow through it with
compressed air.  I've almost torn my hair out over a dual carb setup that
was lean on one side.  I replumbed with new fuel line a few months before,
in winter when I wasn't driving it, and promptly forgot about it.  In
summer, I dinked with jets, all manner of stuff, had the carb on and off
like it was socks.  Turned out to be a plug of rubber left over from
manufacturing that blew across the shop when I was going through my regular
weekly carb dance, and I had pulled all the lines off to check them in a
last ditch attempt to figure things out.  Who woulda thunk... it was new OEM
braided line after all...

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Just from reading on here and on one of the forums the issue of the fuel
filter came up that it can cause rough idle after coming off the interstate.
Mine seems to do this, kind of like it idles down way below normal idle rpms
and then will catch back up. I have 10k miles on the fuel filter. What is
the average life span on a fuel filter that is one that isn't running
biodiesel of course?  I'm the lucky one and since I have a 91 ECO Jetta 1.6
TD it has the expensive fuel filter.

Also with fuel leak, I had my return line split and come off while running
the interstate. It split at the pump. Let me say that it can really soak the
engine compartment.  No running issues but then I pulled over once I got a
nice strong smell of diesel fuel inside the car.  I can say that the blue
Urethane hoses I got at the local motorcycle shop work really well and stay
flexible and look good too.


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