[Vwdiesel] Needed 86 Jetta with no/bad engine

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Jan 26 02:00:03 EST 2006

It really depends on your skilset, and how familiar with the cars you are
working on.
Having the right tools makes the job much easier. A simple low tech exhaust
clamp wedge tool, for instance makes installing and removing a downpipe a
matter of 30 seconds, rather than fighting it for sometimes a looong time
and many bandages later.  If you can't do it with your eyes closed, but are
good at following along with the manual, and posess good overall mechanical
skills, it's a weekend  project with time for amusement.
If you've never attempted such a thing before, have no tool talent, no
manual, it's gonna take a little longer than a weekend... you'll need some
stuff, like the triple square wrench to loosen the cv joints from the
It may sound silly, but there is a certain mindset you need to work on a
volks.  They weren't built by Detroit, and there is an easy way, and a
really really hard way to do just about everything.  You work on German iron
long enough, you kind of develop the way of going about things under the
hood that is the easier way. (but all bets are off on HVAC systems, that was
the day design engineer Detlaf discovered B.C.mushrooms)

If you have smart help, it's a weekend project easy, done in mostly one day.

Fuel system- change out fuel tank. Maybe reroute lines or just change lines
over from carD to carG.
Advance cable- can use a solenoid to actuate, or just wire it in the
advanced position.  There is theoretically more wear, but I did have
+500000kms on one that lived with the cable out year round.  The additional
advance goes away when the pump speeds up.
Glow plugs- Use a dash switch to drive a Ford starter solenoid under the
hood that takes power from battery to plugs. The fords use a solenoid that
is remote mounted, handles the current easy.  Best if you are planning to
leave it this way is to use a lighted pushbutton switch that locks in the on
position- you can turn it on, the light glows bright, so you don't forget
it, but don't have to hold the button and the keyswitch at the same time.
Toggle sw. with a light works good too, but it can snag stuff. You can
change to the correct harness at your leisure after if necessary.
Vacuum lines need to be re-routed. Have stuff on hand in case.  Usually
there is enough line on the donor to suit.
Vent line to emissions charcoal cannister.
Big fuses for glow plug, or incorporate the firewall fuse setup into what
you use, but have a spare fuse handy, moving it will likely break the old
Plan on repacking the CV joints while they are out.

Probably more but that's all I can think of for now.

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Fellow Listee asked:
>Have you done  it before? Know about how many hours
it would take?
> Thanks.
Nope, but I have done other VW swaps  and can handle
water boxers in Westies.
Did a rebuild in my caddy...piece o' cake.  Hours not
Other than dash issues with the starting circuit and
the advance cable.. I can't see too many other
What say the List?
Chilicothe OH

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