[Vwdiesel] Needed 86 Jetta with no/bad engine

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Fri Jan 27 01:51:35 EST 2006

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scameron at compmore.net writes:

> About the only thing I'm not equipped for is front struts, ..Spring changes
> can be exciting and cause new openings in the under-equipped home workshop,
> and front wheel bearings are a special job unless you have a bearing press
> (I don't)

  Get a set of those all thread type compressors from JC Whitney or 
such.  :-)  My brother in-law gave me a pair and with an impact wrench 
and a little moly grease, it's about as fast as the pneumatic one we 
had at the dealer!
  The clutch I did in the Subaru went so quickly there was no need 
to pull the engine but I did have a little work under the car which I 
don't think I'd want to do at 71 either!  Dad's almost 80 and he did 
some help above, my son pretty much handed tools around for the 
reassembly but DID actually help disassemble!  No way Dad could've 
done the under car stuff.  He can barely do the under hood stuff any 
more.  :-(  The hardest part was getting the tranny all the way back 
into the engine.  Not a tough deal on an transverse VW but probably 
about the same on a Dasher or Quantum.

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