[Vwdiesel] Jetta stopped running saga

fudny at aol.com fudny at aol.com
Fri Jan 27 07:44:54 EST 2006

As of last night I checked all my timing marks and all lined up - Tranny inspection hole pointer, Cam lock plate and injection pump pin. I do a timing belt about every 18 months the last one was last May, about 20,000 miles ago. So last night I reprimed the pump and it stumbles but never really runs. I even removed the plunger in the stop solenoid.
Heres a question with the stop solenoid in place no power applied how come can I such fuel thru the pump? I apply just a couple of pumps on my hand vacuum pump and it easily sucks fuel from the filter thru the pump. After I removed the stop plunger it didn't really speed up the rate. The fuel being drawn thru is full of air and never really is a solid stream. I use my brake bleeder container with the clear hose and at best always after the aerated stream becomes more solid will always have some air bubbles. 
It is supposed to be warm tomorrow so I might try and pull the pump off my parts Jetta just to have it on standby if all else fails. I ran that Jetta up to 480,000 miles the pump leaked slightly from the throttle shaft so reliability is a question. The other pump has been in my garage attic for about ten years and is of unknown condition.

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