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Erm yeah...  We extracted oil from sunflower seeds in South Africa during
the apartheid era.  Crude oil was always cheaper, but it does show that in
times of dire need there can & will be alternative energy sources.

I just doubt it's gonna be oil based.  In 10 year's time, we'll probably
refuel once a year, to replace our uranium rods :D

High, by the way :)

On 7/6/06, Del Vezeau <vezco at cogeco.ca> wrote:
> Algae...absolutely. It can yield 20 times the oil than canola..and the
> turn
> around time is a fraction. Extracting it has been the challenge as it is
> in
> no way a back yard hobbyist's panacea..
> Del
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> I appologize in advance for wasting bandwidth, this was imbeded in a spam
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> But since it is diesel related, and we are more intelligent, better
> looking,
> and certainly less gullible than average folks, for your info ONLY.
> Sandy
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