[Vwdiesel] Clutch Adjustment Q

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 23:12:00 EDT 2006

Hey all-

This is actually a gas Fox (sorry...) but I'm having a
little bit of an issue here.

I installed  a new cable to replace the broken
previous part.

The clutch pedal doesn't seem to want to return all
the way up.  Also, it seems to catch pretty quickly,
at least not quite like the other cable operated VWs
I've experienced.  Finally, there doesn't seem to be
the right amount of freeplay.

I tried loosening it all the way, and no help.  Also,
I tried tightening it up some (about 1/2-3/4 an inch
of threads) and it didn't seem to make much

Anyone have any ideas on what to look at/for?  

I found the lady stranded on the side of the road with
the broken cable, so I don't know if it was like that
before.  Enough else is wrong on the car that it well
could have been.



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