[Vwdiesel] soybeans beat corn as biofuel (how abt Hydrogen?)

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Wed Jul 12 16:04:06 EDT 2006


Here's an interesting article about oil seed and the advantages it has over
methanol-fortified gasoline.

I was always suspicious about the fuss over xtending gasoline with
moonshine, I couldn't see how it would help either the farmer, the motorist,
or the environment. And the hillbillys have been cut out of the loop too.

Corn is an inefficient producer of portable fluid carbon.

Further, the diesel could use 100% biofuel made from various oil seeds,
while the spark engine in street use would never be practical on 100% meth,
or hydrogen, for that matter.

Goldie runs just fine on 100% canola if she's hot, and 50% for unmodified
general driving.

 Has to be the way to go.

But big oil and big gov will screw that up too, when they get around to it.
I hope I don't live that long.


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