[Vwdiesel] Rural vs Urban Pollution & more

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Sat Jul 15 00:37:58 EDT 2006

As to Star Trek disintegration chambers or measures taken in the movie "Soilent Green", I hope our population pressures never get to the point where we have to consider let alone implement such measurers. However, I find it difficult to elaborate further without getting political, & pointing fingers get some people who differ, upset, & we don't need to tear this organization apart, as I guess has happened. With out getting into further into details, I fully agree that the USA is certainly a major part of the problem as far as Global Warming & Pollution is concern. Perhaps, someone would like to set up a separate discussion group where we could vent our political opinions & where our moderator could repost our opinions, when we get too political & keep this discussion group for what it is, one of the most interesting, to me at least, on the Internet.
There is another subject I would like to bring up. Does anyone know of a magazine devoted primarily to diesel autos to which someone in the USA can subscribe? I did subscribe to "Diesel Power" magazine but it is primarily devoted to pickup trucks & large SUVs. It's primary focus seems on how to get more power out of truck diesel engines rather than economy. I would like to subscribe to a publication that focuses on past & present diesel cars that were sold in the USA along with what might be sold in the future. In addition to maintaining diesels still on the road, I would like it to cover diesel cars sold elsewhere in the world & cover how to make biodiesel, convert cars, trucks, & motorhomes to run of throw away French fry oil with an emphasis on fuel economy. The closest magazine I have found, & to which I subscribe is "Green Car Journal", 1241 Johnson Ave. #356, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 www.greencar.com , comes closest to my ideal magazine. However, it's primary focus is on hybrid cars, which I am also interested,  but it devotes at least a third of it's coverage to diesel cars. There is a diesel car magazine published in the UK which I have pulled up on the web but they don't appear interested in getting subscribers in the USA or else I wasn't savvy enough to navigate their website.

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