[Vwdiesel] retorquing head bolts

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Sun Jul 16 17:39:33 EDT 2006

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marvinjansen50 at gmail.com writes:

> Will it do any good on a 125k miles engine that seems to have a
> leaking head gasket to try to retorque the bolts?  Or should I just
> put another gasket with new bolts?  Also, what's this about studs
> versus bolts?

  If you have 11mm (non stretch) bolts or have installed studs 
sure, give it a try whenever you like.  It won't hurt. Probably 
won't help but might.
  If you have stretch bolts then how are you going to "retorque" 
them?  If they were done properly then now have one full turn 
past 45 ft lbs!  Usually if it's leaking, it's not going to stop.
  Raceware head studs are around $200 for the set.
http://www.raceware-fasteners.com/ click on "hardware" 
for a pic.  If you get a set tell Randy hi from me.
  If you've torqued down one of these heads and then do one 
with the studs the difference is amazing!  No squeaking, no 
snapping or popping, just smooth tension.  Only problem is it 
can make head removal a litte tougher.  In my Rabbit I basically 
have to pull the engine due to the tilt forward that's required, or 
else pull the studs.

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