[Vwdiesel] Stuff I saw on holidays...

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Jul 20 13:39:03 EDT 2006

Hey all.  Just back from the yearly excursion to the mountains.

So what's with all the diesels on the road?  It's like gas prices are 
high or something...

Diesel powered things I was not expecting to see while on vacation... 
along with the usual ramblings:

Toyota 4-runner, more than one

Jeep liberty, actually saw my first one, and it hadn't even been rolled yet.

Honda Accord.... uh-huh, diesel

Ford product, some little car like a Fucus but it was across the street 
and moving away in Vancouver.

A myriad of volkswagen tdi's, big and small.  Many, many more than last 

Surprisingly few of the stupid "Smart" cars (guess they are getting 
tired of being blown around like leaves or being carried off by pranksters)

Some tiny little subaru van, doubtful if it was diesel, but it was like 
you enlarged some matchbox toy, to a scale just wide enough to seat two 
rather friendly people, to about 2/3 scale.  I expected to see a Shriner 
driving it in circles leading a parade...

Waaaaay too many things with "hybrid" on the trunk

Liquid natural gas filling stations numerous enough to notice.

A couple cars on the side of the road promoting biodiesel

A lot of electric car interest in cities, so they can dump even more of 
their pollution on us country folk while congratulating one another on 
how environmentally conscious and clever they all are.

Some biodiesel interest, but surprisingly less than I was expecting.  A 
few I talked to seemed to think that it subsidizes the farmer in some 
way, so that would be bad in the long run for agriculture.  Good thing 
I'm being watched out for by experts that know what is best for me. 
Whatever would I do otherwise...

Found some neat rocks.
Climbed some mountains, and dragged a five and eight year old along up 
A good time was had by all.


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