[Vwdiesel] Still trying to resurrect 1980 vw rabbit diesel

ken tolbert tolbert192 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 20 11:22:54 EDT 2006

Current status:
Rec'd some valuable help from a list member, got the timing belt installed 
and started thru the injection pump timing procedure. Got everything 
installed except the A/C-Waterpump-crankshaft
v belt. Since vehicle is outside, we stopped at near 100 degrees.
This morning, I decided to complete the job; and much to my surprise, I see 
moisture on the timing belt. Sniff, sniff....diesel fuel. Apparent 
source....behind the pump sprocket.
There was so sign of this situation when project started and the only parts 
of the pump touched was the bolts that hold it in place and the plug that 
covers the timing hole. I have not examined that plug, as I just hought of 
it. I need to get a mirror and high intensity light so I can see.
Can any fuel leak from the adjustment bolt holes? Could the fuel leak out of 
the timing hole and run underneath? Can the belt be too tight and have 
ruptured the seal around the shaft?
I believe enough fuel leaked on the belt that it may have to be replaced, 
because the fuel will ruin it, right??
Any suggestions?

>From: "ken tolbert" <tolbert192 at hotmail.com>
>To: vwdiesel at vwfans.com
>Subject: [Vwdiesel] Still trying to resurrect 1980 vw rabbit diesel
>Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 11:12:23 -0500
>I am still trying to start the vehicle...
>Run into a couple of situations:
>a) intermediate pulley has a 2 1/4" piece broken off on the inside. Going 
>to postpone change out until status of engine is resolved.
>b) received new style tensioner (uses wrench with holes in hub) Going to 
>have to use old style,
>(with the hex head adjuster) the new style does not line up correctly and 
>will not turn when the nut is tightened. (have to loosen engine mount bolt 
>and jack up engine to remove/install)
>c) Having the ^%$#@#$% time trying to locate TDC, even with cam loosened. 
>So far, we in north texas are in our "hot weather mode"(100+), last 
>6-7days, no friends want to come out and help. Going to kidnap someone 
>d) Drained coolant, able to get about half in aux tank, will try to put 
>remainder in radiator upper
>hose with funnel.
>Any suggestions or tips?
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