[Vwdiesel] Still trying to resurrect 1980 vw rabbit diesel

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Thu Jul 20 18:40:32 EDT 2006

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tolbert192 at hotmail.com writes:

> Can any fuel leak from the adjustment bolt holes? Could the fuel leak out 
> of 
> the timing hole and run underneath? Can the belt be too tight and have 
> ruptured the seal around the shaft?
> I believe enough fuel leaked on the belt that it may have to be replaced, 
> because the fuel will ruin it, right??

  None of the adjustment holes can leak sinc you may have noticed 
they are all "ears" and use thtough bolts.  If you lost the copper washer 
on the timing setting bolt though, it CAN sure leak.  That's the one between 
all four injector lines where you insert the timing indicator adapter.
  You wouldn't "ruin" the seal by pulling it too tight.  Running it that way 
would wear the bushing prematurely though.  If you don't have any wobble/
slop in that bushing (remember it's not a bearing so wobble is in the 
of tension only, then you can replace that seal carefully and be happy.  If 
there IS a small amount of wear, just don't overtension the timing belt, 
and a replacement seal will sure run long enough to find out if all else is 
well with the engine and maybe even quite a while.  :-)
  A little spilt diesel on the belt won't ruin it.  Letting it sit there 
will.  It 
SHOULD be hot enough there to evaporate it off fairly quickly.  Rinse it 
off, verify the source of the leak and fix that (or swap on another pump 
if you have it) and continue on.  :-)

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