[Vwdiesel] Dodge Caliber Diesel

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Mon Jul 24 05:46:22 EDT 2006

I was looking at the TDI Club chat room & found mention of a diesel Dodge Caliber for the USA in 2007. I then pulled up the www.askdrz.com in response to recient Dodge/Chrysler commercials. This is the first website I have found where you can actually ask a car company a question in a computer friendly manor. I found  a reply that they do not plan to offer a diesel Caliber for 2007 in the USA. I suggest that all of you ask Dr Z when we can get a diesel Caliber or other DaimlerChrysler product sold in the USA when we can get a diesel. I told them that while I like the Dodge Caliber very much, & I do, I will not buy one without a diesel as fuel economy is VERY important to me. I told them I will not buy another gasoline powered car & asked them if I will have to buy a used VW TDI to get a diesel. If you feel the way I do, I would suggest you & all your friends flood DaimlerChrysler with questions about diesel availability. They might take the USA diesel market more seriously if they are flooded with such requests & questions.

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