[Vwdiesel] I think I just dodged a bullet!

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Was it the camshaft front seal leaking oil all over the timing belt?  This
is happening on my 1980, 1.5NA that is in my genset and I have been putting
off changing the seal and belt because of activities overload.

The leak is not so bad that I have to add oil so much as it just makes a
slow mess of the front of the engine and in the drip pan beneath..


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> I took my '84 Quantum TD into the shop because of a bad oil leak--I was
> having to keep an eye on the dipstick and add oil 2 or 3x/week. Today
> they called with an estimate to replace a seal--and the timing belt.
> Glad this all happened while I still had a timing belt! I think this is
> what's meant by "a stitch in time."
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