[Vwdiesel] A/C compressors... the result

Bob Soukup bobs at chemdec.natsci.csulb.edu
Mon Jul 31 11:32:16 EDT 2006


In U.S. (left side drive) models the AC lines should pass through the 
bulkhead into the passenger compartment somewhere behind the glove box. 

Be sure you install a new filter/dryer.  Since the parts you are getting 
are from a model that originally used R12 refrigerant you'll have to be 
sure the plumbing system is absolutely clean and dry with little or no 
residue of the old mineral oil based lubricant in the system. 

The compressor should have an oil fill/drain plug.  Drain as much of the 
old oil as you can then refill with the proper oil for R134.  If the 
compressor is a Sanden, you can get all the info as to how much oil at 
the Sanden web site.  Also use new "O" ring seals (green) at all the 
connections, it'll save you a lot of grief later.

I have been through this with my RabbitTruck.  I installed a new 
compressor, filter/drier and hoses before I was satisfied with the result.

Bob Soukup
'81 RabbitTruck

quantum-man wrote:

> I've just won on ebay a (nearly) complete a/c setup for my Quantum. My 
> latest 'Q' was hit by a truck and their insurance has agreed a $370 payout. 
> Panel repairabl in my opinion. Car only cost$50; hence I'm stuffing the 
> money back in.
> eBay #  290009682569 $213 +P&P
> Just lacks the 5 way switch and the heater sliders. Being an '85 it didn't 
> have those silly push buttons.So I think the non a/c sliders should work?? 
> The seller seems to think it should all fit with a little cutting into a non 
> a/c.setup!
> Gary, where does the a/c lines enter the bulkhead? Anyone have a picture? I 
> see no spare rubber grommets.
> All I need now is a cruise control setup and I'll be happy :oD
> Mark

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