[Vwdiesel] '84 Diesel Rabbit Motor Oil 15W-40, 10W-40, 5W-40 . . .

Bryan K. Walton bryankwalton at machlink.com
Sat Jun 3 11:59:38 EDT 2006

Hi Pat,
	Thanks for the informative reply regarding the valve guide seals.
I'm hoping my compression is fine, I don't really have any of the other
problems that accompany poor compression (at least I don't think I do).
I need to get the compression test done, rule that out, and then proceed
with reducing my oil consumption.  Perhaps I will stick with my dino oil
and the 3000 mile change interval until that is addressed.


On Fri, Jun 02, 2006 at 08:35:41PM -0600, pmdolan at sasktel.net wrote:
> I use Delvac 1 (5W-40 full synthetic) in EVERYTHING in the yard, gas and diesel.  The comments you recieved are correct.
> HOWEVER, your oil consumption is very high.  This is not cureable by changing the oil.  The probability is that your valve guide seals are dried up and cracked/baked - letting the oil get sucking into the intake port and through the valve.  It is also possible (but not too likely on an engine with such low mileage) that you have a ring that is broken or stuck.  A compression test and/or leakdown test will tell you that.  
> I would still bet strongly on the guide seals.   They can be changed very easily with the engine in the car.  You need to make an "air hold" tool to keep the valve in place while you compress the spring (or if you are REALLY brave, let the valve press on the piston - a practice that I do NOT recommend).  You need the valve spring compression tools, seal removal pliers, installation drift, lash adjusting tools, cam alingment and timing tools.  If you don't have, find a friend or shop with the tools, lots of experience and patience and use them.
> Pat

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