[Vwdiesel] Synthetic oils YES

Bryan K. Walton bryankwalton at machlink.com
Sun Jun 4 11:25:24 EDT 2006

Wow! What a wonderful mailing list!  There have been so many posts related
to my original question, that I going to simply thank everybody here, rather
than to fill up the mailing list with more thank yous.  For the folks that
have stated that my problem might be a stuck ring(s), thanks.  Whether that
turns out to be the problem, only time will tell.  But it gives me hope
that, with only 122000 miles on my rabbit, I might get lucky if I change
to synthetic oil.  Here is to hoping.  With regards to that, here is a
question for everybody, and the Amsoil folks also: If my problem is a stuck
ring, such as Doug and Andrew have suggested as a possibility, I'm
wondering about the pros and cons of using something like Amsoil
Engine Flush before switching over to a synthetic oil?  From what I
read on the Amsoil website, it suggests that it can do in 15 minutes
what Doug said he saw after 8 months of running a synthetic oil.  Has
anybody used this product and seen any real improvement as a result? 
And perhaps more importantly, can this product cause any problems? 
(I'm not referring to highlighting problems that dino oil was
concealing, but rather actually creating new damage.)

Again, thank you everybody for your responses so far.  This has been a
very helpful and informative thread for me.

Bryan Walton

On Sat, Jun 03, 2006 at 09:59:52PM +0000, hwy9fergs at comcast.net wrote:
> Hi all, had to pipe up on this one.  Pat may be quite wrong on the oil consumption.  I once felt the same way about that, even to the point of assuming that synthetics would increase oil consumption due to them being inherently "thinner".  Fact is, Mobil one 10/40 cured my oil consumption problem in my 91 eco jetta.  When I got it, I was having to add a quart every 500 miles.  I was bummed. The old lady who had it before me had only put 120000 miles of easy driving on it, but wasn't good about the oil changes, and just used wrong oil when she did have it done.  I didn't know it at the time, but the rings were obviously coked up and sticking. I started using the synthetics right away when I got it because it's a turbo, and after about 6 or 8 months of driving with the synthetic, the gunk was dissolved out of those rings and now I get about 2500 miles before needing to add.  No bull.  I know Sandy or Val can vouch for that, having said some time ago that "synthetic oil is a wonderful
>  healer of engines"  ------That being said, if it's just plain worn out, it may or may not help but with low miles, I'd say- whatta ya have to lose??   Doug Ferguson

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