[Vwdiesel] Fwd: Hydraulic Lifter Question

david hardy david at planetmind.net
Mon Jun 5 12:17:50 EDT 2006

Thanks all for the responses. I finally got a new starter put in - what a difference in cranking 
speed - the old one was definitely worn out - and got her started. Lifters pumped up right away, 
to there's some empirical data.

Now that darn plastic side coolant manifold is leaking so i need to replace that, and I have a 
oil leak around the dipstick tube base. strange, because I didn't touch it.

I am having a little trouble timing it right - I left the IP loose, and tried to get it so it 
would start to miss/stumble when I pushed the cold start in, but it would immediately die when I 
puched it in, even when pretty far advanced (at least as far as I could push it w/out tweaking 
the injector lines), and even when hot. Do I just need to advance it more, or is my IP on the 
way out? No smoke at all, really.


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