[Vwdiesel] Fwd: Hydraulic Lifter Question

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Mon Jun 5 23:21:05 EDT 2006

Was the pin in the injection pump when you put the belt back on? Or was 
the cable pulled when you set the timing?

This sounds very familiar to a time when I changed the head gasket on my 
former Quantum TD. Wouldn' start or run unless the cable was pulled... 
ran like crap with tons of white smoke.

Timing was off by some 45*.	


david hardy wrote:
> Thanks all for the responses. I finally got a new starter put in - what a difference in cranking 
> speed - the old one was definitely worn out - and got her started. Lifters pumped up right away, 
> to there's some empirical data.
> Now that darn plastic side coolant manifold is leaking so i need to replace that, and I have a 
> oil leak around the dipstick tube base. strange, because I didn't touch it.
> I am having a little trouble timing it right - I left the IP loose, and tried to get it so it 
> would start to miss/stumble when I pushed the cold start in, but it would immediately die when I 
> puched it in, even when pretty far advanced (at least as far as I could push it w/out tweaking 
> the injector lines), and even when hot. Do I just need to advance it more, or is my IP on the 
> way out? No smoke at all, really.
> David
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