[Vwdiesel] Looking for a diesel compression tester for about $100, any id...

Libbybapa at wmconnect.com Libbybapa at wmconnect.com
Tue Jun 6 10:53:29 EDT 2006

In a message dated 6/6/06 7:48:20 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
dieselwesty at yahoo.com writes:

> Thanks Gary, that is a good idea, spend the money on a
> better guage and use Harbor Freight for the adapters,
> at that price, can't go wrong.  Some places wanted $20
> for just one adapter for the 1.6 glow plug hole.

There should be a shrader valve in the tip of the adapter so that the 
combustion chamber size is similar to the real thing.  I have heard that some of the 
HF adapters do not have the valve there and so the chamber size is increased.  
I also imagine that valve to be the culprit for the weird bahavior.  

I paid $40 for my tester from a local shop that was getting out of VW diesels 
(wierd huh) and it came with the adapter.  :-)  Good quality tool.  You might 
ask around to see if someone has one that has been sitting in a drawer for a 
long time.


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