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Power assist brakes, heater controls are what the pump controls, the ip 
is shut off with an electric solenoid valve. Same mas for power door 
locks I do believe.
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>> hmmm.  if it were the vacuum pump itself, wouldn't the car not shut 
>> off
>> with
>> the key?
>> i'm not sure what else the vacuum pump powers in this car, but i've 
>> had that
>> problem with a mercedes and the car had to be 'manually' shut off.
>> chris
>   But this isn't a Merceds!  :-)
>   Vacuum pump operates the brake booster and A/C controls if
> so equipped.  That's it.  Cruise and door locks have their own vacuum
> pumps I believe but it HAS been a long time since I looked since my
> cruise has been inop for several years from bad hoses and pedal 
> cutouts.
>      Loren
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