[Vwdiesel] Lack of power, no smoke, good compression..

david hardy david at planetmind.net
Mon Jun 12 12:55:47 EDT 2006

I feel compelled to chime in here - I've been battling the air in fuel/hard sucking issue, with 
symptoms just like this, until I finally bypassed my stock filter (I have a see-thru inline 
filter right before the IP), which is the kind with the return fitting on top, and problems 
solved. I think it must be that return fitting that was leaking, though not sure what I'm gonna 
do about it. Replace the O-ring maybe. Then again, I just saw an old-style spin-on filter mount 
on ebay,  maybe I'll get that - filters are cheaper, anyway.

I've learned the hard way - always check for air in fuel lines!


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