[Vwdiesel] hard brakes

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Mon Jun 12 23:30:24 EDT 2006

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vegbenz300 at gmail.com writes:

> The chilton book refers me to the brake booster for this problem, with no
> further info on the brake booster.  I'm wondering if i should be looking
> into a rebuild, a replacement, or somewhere else.

  The first problem is you have a Chiltons instead of a Bentley or at least a 
Haynes manual!  Seriously!  It just hit me you were talking about a 5K 
instead of a Rabbit/Jetta!  Same stuff goes except the vacuum pump is a little 
rotary thing running off of the rear cam pulley.  Check your pulleys, belt and of 
course pull the hose and check for vacuum and some volume going to the pump.  
Freeplay is always good to check after changing master cylinders.

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