[Vwdiesel] 1.6 litre diesel head

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It has been my experience trying to get my 91 TD going last year with all
the issues and looking for another head that after a certain year, I'm
guessing with hydraulic heads that it doesn't make a difference if it is for
a turbo or NA. VW just went with one standard head.  At least this is what I
found out trying to get another turbo head for my 91 Jetta TD.


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I currently have two (2) Vw Rabbit P-ups Both TD, have never had a
problem with putting NA heads on either one as long as you are replacing
the head with a like head, ie;mechanical or Hyd. lifter 1.6l head, the
number or letter has no real relevance.
I understand though that there is an alloy difference in the TD heads
which allow them to better handle the added heat of a Turbo.
But with a NA diesel you should have no problem installing any head so
long as it matches HYD. or Mechanical lifters.
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