[Vwdiesel] Soot problem

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I have the same problem. I do have a pump that has been tweeked so I get
more fueling than normal especially since mine was an ECO but now is a true
turbo diesel.  I've come to the conclusion that is just the way things will
be. I have noticed that VW has put some serious turn down tips on the
exhausts of all it's diesel's, even on the new 07 models. I guess this is to
help eliminate that soot build up.  I was thinking about doing that as well
but figure I can deal with it and save the extra effort of adding 90 degree
turn down tip. I posted this same question/statement on one of the vw diesel
forums and they all said the same thing, just something that you have to
deal with in a way or put the turn downs on the vehicle. I would imagine if
you did adjust everything just right then it could stop it all together. For
me I don't have the time to tinker on it now and will just keep it clean
every two weeks or so.

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Well it's not really a problem, more annoying than anything, My '86 na 
golf seems to have a lot of soot getting blown on the back hatch area.  
I have a tight exhaust,I have good compression, starts every time no 
matter how cold it is {even during -20 this past winter Without 
plugging it in} I have good power, though my fuel economy is somewhat 
low I think , as I only get about 41 mpg. I had a well know VW shop in 
my area change the t belt and adj the ip and valves back in september. 
It did do it before they did the t belt. Could something very basic be 
out of adj that would cause an excessive soot condition. I have to wash 
it off every couple weeks. I don't recall ever having that problem with 
my old rabbit diesel.

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