[Vwdiesel] Using Ether in Volkswagens..............

James A Roberts junkvws at juno.com
Wed Jun 21 22:04:49 EDT 2006

        I have had my fair share of using Ether in lots of different
applications. The stock VW Diesel engine is not a good place to use
Ether. Ether explodes way to violently, in an engine that has 23.5:1
compression ratio. You can do some serious engine damage. If someone was
going through an experimental stage and wanted to try Ether in a 19:1
ratio engine, hey that's fine, I mean it's an experiment right?
        Any way I'd put money on not having to many problems with Ether
in a VW that had it's compression reduced but as for fuel economy and
power................buddy don't second guess "German Engineering" at its
finest. The VW Diesel engine is designed to get maximum power and fuel
economy the way it is. Even a slight drop is compression gives you a
dirty burn (not complete). A dirty burn leads to some serious amount of
soot and carbon build up. Not real good for the engine.
        I have actually torn a part a couple VW Diesel engines that had a
3 notch head gasket installed, when in actuallity a 1 notch was needed.
The result was a lot of soot build up to the point that chunks of soot
flaked off of the piston and cylinder head and bent a valve. Which was
the reason for tear down. Don't know how many miles the engine ran with
the incorrect head gasket but I would assume it didn't happen in a few
hundred miles, maybe a few thousand would have caused that much buildup. 
        If someone is looking for horsepower in a VW n/a diesel either
bore it and increase fuel delivery to the injectors or add a
turbo......................I did both. Fuel mileage isn't as good but
when your running pure vegetable oil in the summer months who cares about
mileage, it's FREE!!!!!!!


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