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Ok, now I'm hearing 2 dif things, one group says under no circumstances 
add a turbo to a non turbo engine, another says you can, whats the 
"real" deal. Can you add one to an NA block, if you can, what should 
you do to keep egt in check, I have the entire setup from a TD sitting 
on the shelf, but haven't done anything with it because of what I've 
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>> buddy don't second guess "German Engineering" at its
>> finest. The VW Diesel engine is designed to get maximum power and fuel
>> economy the way it is. Even a slight drop is compression gives you a
>> dirty burn (not complete). A dirty burn leads to some serious amount 
>> of
>> soot and carbon build up. Not real good for the engine.
>   Hmmm, I've seen engines that had low compression such that they
> barely started and they weren't that bad inside (the combustion area)
> and those were low from wear not a lower CR.
>   I actually got the idea from "German Engineering" at its finest.  
> It's in
> the SAE papers somewhere about the engine being most efficient at
> 18:1 to 19:1 but they chose 23:1 for starting.
>>     If someone is looking for horsepower in a VW n/a diesel either
>> bore it and increase fuel delivery to the injectors or add a
>> turbo......................I did both. Fuel mileage isn't as good but
>> when your running pure vegetable oil in the summer months who cares 
>> about
>> mileage, it's FREE!!!!!!!
>   Actually my Dasher gained mileage from the bolt on turbo and then
> gained more when I turned up the fueling.
>  The Rabbit gained power from bigger exhaust, mild porting, Total Seal
> piston rings, optimizing the fueling and maybe from boring it out and 
> the
> ceramic coating on the pistons.  Really didn't notice much there.  I 
> can
> now drive the snot out of it and get into the 30's for mileage or 
> slack off
> just a tad and keep it in the 40s and sometimes forget it doesn't have 
> a
> turbo.  One of these days it will....  :-P
>      Loren
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