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Ok, so now a neophite question ... if a head is bolted around its 
periphery, and across the journals, how could it in fact "warp" I mean 
in a general sense it really doesn't warp, as in twist  does it, or is 
it more like rise between mounting points. I've seen heads on the air 
cooleds warp once you un bolt the head, but haven't lost a head gasket 
because of warping, though I have spit the # 3 plug out of more than a 
few air cooled VW's in my day
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>> I may be wrong, but I did read something to the effect that the heads
>> have to be heated until they are "Plastic" I guess to allow them to
>> "press" the head to "flatten" it, so as to maintain the cam journals 
>> in
>> alignment. Then doing the grind job, has anyone else heard that. I may
>> have been mistaken in what I read, it was awhile ago, and  can't find
>> that article again.
>   That is indeed the technique for overhead cam aluminum heads.
> Thing is, I've yet to find one of these heads that is actually the 
> whole
> head warped.  As I said, the worst one I've ever seen still had the cam
> journals in a darn straight line (less than .001" from high to low)
> considering clearance is at least .003 to .004"  No way you'll break a
> cam by surfacing and then bolting down with numbers like that.  They
> just grow around the edges a bit.
>      Loren
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