[Vwdiesel] Lister Diesel in Seattle area...

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Not allowed to export this engine from the US to Canada or even to the
country where it was manufactured (England)?  What is that crap all about?!
I am familiar with the export  restricions on so called "dual use"
technology where a gizmo might have a valid industrial application, but also
be a key component in a WMD.  Since when did a low tech Lister diesel engine
become a component of a WMD?  Is it because it could be used to crush the
toes of thine enemy! These *officials* are way too full of themselves for
all of our own good!


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>   Place regular "not mine" disclaimer here ...
>      Loren
> LISTER PETTER DIESEL engine, ST2AMC1A, 2cyl, 20hp, engine used in 5 or
> gen sets on boats or other industrial applications, unused in crate,
> from National Arsenal, acquire value $8,770, this engine cannot be sold or
> exported out of the USA, needs government end use certificate filled out
by buyer,
> engine is ready to go with electric start and only needs a muffler, sale
> $3,000. Call T. Brice, 253-859-3019 for more information*
> • Posted: 6/22/2006
> • Location: Kent, WA
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