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You have to remove the Injection Pump and all the stuff in front of the
engine.  Put a jack under the engine and take off the Rear Transmission
Mount and take the Bolt out of Passenger side mount and loosen the bolt on
the Drivers side but leave the bolt in.  Lower the Engine enough to get an
Allen Socket on the two bolts for the mount.  Clean out the heads on the
bolts and make sure you get the Allen Wrench in there good.  I had one that
was stripped and ended up taking out the engine and Transmission after
dealing with it for a whole day.

When you get the Pump Bracket and Motor Mount out you can cut thru the old
Mount steel ring and drive it right out.  It wouldn't hurt to mark the
orientation of the old Mount before you drive it out and make sure the new
one is installed like the old one.

Usually you take them somewhere and have the new Mount pressed in, I had a
good solid steel table and some blocks of steel and used a heavy hammer and
drove mine in.

I bought my new Mounts from a mail order place, Black Forest Industries,
they said they were Heavy Duty Diesel Mounts.

Let me know if you can't find them, I'll try.  Hope this helps, good luck.


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OK, I'm sure this subject has been covered at length previously but I admit
to being too lazy to search the archives for an answer, so here's what I
want to know:

I'm looking into replacing the engine mounts in my '81 VW caddy.  They have
never been replaced.  I figure after this many years they are probably about
to the end of their useful life.  I'm also hoping that replacing the mounts
might reduce some of the engine noise (or maybe I'm just dreaming).  The
front, rear, and driver side (transmission) mounts look to be pretty
straight forward to replace but the passenger side mount looks like a real
challenge.  I don't see a simple way to get at the socket head screws that
hold it to the engine. 

Could someone guide me through this? 

Are there any "gotcha's" that I should be aware of before I tackle this

How about special tools? 

Should I get replacement mounts from a VW dealer or some other source?

Bob Soukup
'81 RabbitTruck D.

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