[Vwdiesel] syncro tranny

Justin and Chelly Bennett cjb at midrivers.com
Mon Mar 6 19:53:53 EST 2006

In the wild hare (hair?) idea department.  Has anyone seen a syncro 
transplanted into an early Rabbit or Rabbit pickup?  Here is the idea, 
syncro tranny into my '81 p.u.  Since the rear axle is already a tube 
with leaf springs it would just easier to add a live axle as compared to 
figuring out the mounting of an idependant rear end under a Rabbit.  
Besides a pickup is only half a rig with only one end getting power.  
(Red neck 'wheeler showing thru).  A rear axle out of an early toyota or 
datsun might fit without any major hacking involved.

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