[Vwdiesel] starting prob

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Wed Mar 8 17:32:19 EST 2006

I always like to start with the basics...

Injector timing set dead-on or somewhat ahead.
Cam timing verified
Valve lash checked.
Glows verified good... ie they get red.

Short of this, it sounds a lot like poor compression. And across all 
cylinders at that. How many miles/km on the engine?


paul lew wrote:
> Hi Guys
>   My problem has gotten worse, and have eliminated some things.
>   When the engine is cold (our average temp. -5 to +5 degrees celcius) ,and plugged in it takes about 5 seconds of cranking to start engine,while it's doing that it doesn't even shake like it's trying (like there's no fuel).
>   If I don't plug it in ,there's no hope starting it.
>   There's very little smoke coming out the pipe until it starts.
>   Once it starts, it runs perfect, smooth, virtually no smoke ,good pulling power. so I assume the injectors are good .The chances all injectors are bad is very slim. 
>   I replaced two glow plug, the other two are like new, so now all of them together are pulling the full 46-ish amps (about 12 A each).
>   The starter I refurbished, so now it is turning at the proper speed, and battery is brand new (900 CA / 700 CCA). I used a closed loop high quality fuel system cleaner with a filter in the loop ,twice (it made it run a bit smoother, but not starting)
>   None of all this made a difference.
>   There was a tip someone gave me that worked with diesel engines .
>   He said to spray a few squirts of WD40 into the air intake after the filter (so the filter didn't absorb it), then try starting it, it should start right away from the fumes since WD40 is petroleum based, he said it bypasses the pump through the air intake, and should tell you if the pump is bad if it starts.(apparently people use it for cold starting caterpillars etc. evn works if glow plug system is bad.
>   This didn't help me at all.
>   Any ideas?
>   Thanks
>   Paul 
>   British Columbia, Canada
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