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> Syncro Golf tranny is what I ment.  There is a gent up in B.C. that
> imports all sorts of syncros into Canada.  Would love to have a syncro
> Golf, but they are not importable at this time.  But a guy should be
> able to get a tranny across the border without to much hassel.  At one
> time I saw some pictures on the web where someone had installed a syncro
> in a non syncro Golf, but cannot find that sight anymore.


"- VW Golf Country 1990-1991

Initially called the Montana but later retitled Country. VW´s prototype for
a cross country golf first appeared at the 1989 Geneva Show. A
fuel-injection engine and four-wheel-drive were combined with radically
revised suspension mountings to give the vehicle a genuine off-road
capability. The production started in April 1990 by Steyr-Daimler-Puch
Spezialfahrzeugtechnik in Graz/Austria. Basis for the "terrain-golf" was the
Golf CL Syncro, four doors. Build by the Wolfsburg factory and send to
Steyer for converting the standard Golf into the Golf Country. The adaption
of the Golf Syncro consist of intermediate frame, guard rails, spare tire
carrier, rear end collision guard rails, and chassis etc. In October 1991 a
total of 7.735 cars had been produced (including the chrome-edition of

One of those with a TDI would be awesome!


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