[Vwdiesel] Left turn signal

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 Thank you, I'll start there........Rudy

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  I'd have to dig out a wiring diagram to get real specific but check the
turn bulbs on that side, sounds like one might be burned out.  Then again
with the change from stepping on the brakes indicates the brakes or ts's are
drawing their ground through the other bulb so check the ground/s to that
side's rear first then the front.  Most are a plug to a galvanized sheet
metal "circuit board."  That connection is often just cruddy enough to
prevent a good ground.  The grounds are common between at least some of the
bulbs so it draws a ground THROUGH the other bulb until power is supplied to
it.  :-o

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> My left turn signal blinks fast and increases speed or stops if I step 
> on the brakes, the right one seems to work normally.  I'm pretty good 
> with mechanical but electrical sometimes stumps me.
> Anyone ever had this problem and have any ideas where to start looking?

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