[Vwdiesel] weepy injector

Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
Thu Mar 16 09:54:59 EST 2006

I do not believe that "back pressure" would cause you this problem.
Considering the normal operating pressure of cylinder under

As to the weeping.  You need to determine for sure where it is leaking a
attack the leak specifically.  To find the leak, clean the injector area
well with carb cleaner or brake cleaner (spray can).  You can also use a
strong detergent and water...  Start 'er up and watch with good light
and your spectacles- where is the leak originating.

If it is the lines, I would strongly recommend the clear vinyl available
at most hardware stores/lumber yards.  Cheap, clear and lasting. 

If it is at the union of fuel rail, take the line off, check the union
for over-tightening damage. If it is bruised badly or cracked, replace
the line.  When connecting the union, make sure it is seated on the
injector well- then tighten the nut while holding the line firmly
against the injector. Don't just start the nut and let it do all the

Lastly, if it is your injector, you might get away with just putting it
in a vise and torqueing it back to specs.  If that doesn't do it, a take
it apart, clean all the carbon out and make sure it is CLEAN!  Torque it
down in a vise per Bentley.


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hey all
my #4 injector has begun weeping
('93 EuroVan N/A diesel - 5 cyl)
this may or may not be related to increased backpressures in my  
return system
due to custom routing of return line(s)
what might fail in a VW injector?
before I tear into and rebuild the little bugger, any suggestions on  
where to look?
anyone know what's vulnerable to (back) pressure (through inj return  
ports) in there?
leak seems to be from around the injector returns (new lines) and  
possibly the IP line junction and injector body seam
thanks for any thoughts
Rolf in MA

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