[Vwdiesel] replacing crankshaft

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Sun Mar 19 07:33:38 EST 2006

Great advice
Why would anyone re-ring an engine that had good compression and minimal 
visual bore damage?
Why risk replaceing with an inferior item (assuming original rings) and 
adding an element of risk of inappropriate 'weariing in' which has happened 
to some forae-es? Or will the chromed rings always be better replaced if 
Loren can you or someone explain a bit more about the intermediate bearing. 
Does it always age or is it down to overtightening of the timing belt again 
which would also show up with a bug**ed up pump as well?

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>To: vwdiesel at vwfans.com
>Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] replacing crankshaft
>Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 17:57:55 EST
>   I had a minor version of what you had happen to my Rabbit just before
>the planned rebuild.  Do a little telephone shopping and simply have the
>rod journals ground at a shop you can trust to keep the tolerances where
>they should be.   It's cheaper, you retain std. sized main bearings, rods
>are only .25mm under, no shipping and if the main bearings are still (as
>they often are) like new, you can reuse them!  Then you're looking at rod
>bearings and a rod grind with a polish on the mains.
>   A gasket set and a head gasket will put it back together leak free.  If
>it's out then you REALLY need to replace those intermediate shaft bearings
>while you can!  They tend to disintegrate after about 20 years.  Reringing 
>a smart move while you're this deep.  Just be sure you're honed well and
>CLEANED well with soap and water afterwards.  Mileage is probably up
>to where a light valve grind and very probably exhaust valves and of course
>valve stem seals would really be of bennefit, especially if you're doing
>nearly everything else!
>      Loren
>In a message dated 3/18/2006 2:50:26 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>koldrid at uvm.edu writes:
> > What I did find was that the #1 connecting rod bearing was
> > toasted. The crankshaft has some decent size scoring there. The rest of
> > the main and connecting rod bearings look a little worn, but not
> > totally shredded like the 1st.
> > I want to rebuild this engine, which otherwise is in excellent shape.
> > Anyone have any opinions on what I should do?
> > I'm leaning towards buying a new/reground crankshaft and new main and
> > connection rod bearings. This outift from Utah sells a crankshaft kit
> > for $259 http://www.rpmrons.com/volks,cranks.html
> > New front and rear crank seals.
> > I thought it would make sense to re-ring the pistons while I have them
> > out (the compression wast great before and there is no cylinder scoring
> > that I can see or feel).  The oil pump had a little play but seemed
> > fine overall. The pickup screen is clogged with debris though.
> > Not sure what to do to intermediate shaft.
> > Well, any advice you may have will be greatly appreciated. I hope I'm
> > on the right track here.
> >
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