[Vwdiesel] Newbie questions re Stanadyne

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Tue Mar 21 06:16:12 EST 2006

I am missing my old Q again! When will it ever stop?

But I digress...
Your dosage is perfect. But keep in mind being +/- an ounce or so will 
not do any harm. Being a new-to-you car, you may want to run a couple of 
cans of Lubro-Moly Diesel Purge through it for good measure.

Some ~$16 a bottle is robbery! I buy mine by the case for just over 
$5/bottle at a local Bosch Authorized servicer. A good alternative is 
Power Service Diesel Kleen (grey bottle) founs at the local Wally Mart.

If you really understood the bilge grade diesel we get here in the 
'States, you should use it each tank. But again, missing a tank here or 
there won't kill you.

Though I don't think B100 needs any additive, especially since these 
common additives are not rated for BioD. But I suppose it won't hurt to 
continue to add them. I don't know enough about BioD to be the 
definitive source.

Change all fluids and filters, stay on top of any rust, and live long 
and prosper!

Missing my '85 Q!

Andrew Buc wrote:
> Now that I've had my '84 B2 Quantum TD for 3 days, naturally I have 
> some questions.
> I got a bottle of Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel 
> Conditioner from the garage that has been servicing my Audi 4kq and did 
> the pre-purchase inspection on the QTD. This is the stuff, right? It 
> says to lower the pour point to 40°F, use a bottle (16 oz.) per 60 
> gallons of fuel. Since the bottle is marked in 4-oz. increments and the 
> QTD has a 16-gal fuel tank, I think this is going to work out to 1/4 
> bottle per tank in my case.
> Do you folks agree that this is the right dosage? Should I be using it 
> religiously with every tank of fuel? I don't know that lowering the 
> pour point is so important right now with spring on the way, but I 
> gather that the following are issues with diesel: 1) water; 2) 
> bacteria; 3) lubrication--low-sulfur diesel is mandated in the Seattle 
> area, where I live. Does the Stanadyne cover all the bases? Should I 
> use it with biodiesel? I plan to try and run B99 whenever possible, but 
> I may not always be able to, especially in winter.
> The bottle cost me $16, BTW. I was eager to get some, and they had it. 
> Can I get it significantly cheaper, and if so, where might I look?
> Thanks!
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