[Vwdiesel] biodiesel requiring a rebuilt injection pump onan '84 Rabbit

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 	If the prospect of that level of work and expenditure proves too be
too daunting, perhaps we could work something out whereby I could relieve
you of this burden while recouping at least most of your investment and
possibly even an actual return.
	Do be advised that there are a couple of computer-generated entities
which have cleverly devised noms de list of "Gary" and "Mark" who might post
similar, or perhaps better offers, but there is some doubt as to whether
they actually inhabit our plane of existence, so it would be safe to
disregard any traffic from them.
	Thank you,
	Scott Kair 

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Hmm, this thread is making me uneasy. :( I know the PO of my '84 Quantum
(which I've had 5 days now!) ran biodiesel much of the time, and I'd be
willing to bet the concentration was higher than B20. Just the other day I
filled up w/B99, although the PO said he'd just put ~3 gallons of dino
diesel in it. According to a spreadsheet he gave me of work he'd done on the
car, he'd replaced the front injector pump seal with a Viton one. Are there
other seals that should be replaced also? I have an income tax refund coming
and could spend $200 or $250 (the price David Cook mentioned to have a pump
resealed), but I wasn't really counting on dumping more money into the car
just now.

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