[Vwdiesel] audi 500 injector line

Chris Jude vegbenz300 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 22:00:31 EST 2006

Hi all,

I found a 1980 audi diesel last week for my girlfriend.  it's a nice little
car, with only about 150K on it.  There was a small leak on one injector
when we bought it, and i figured i'd have a close look one it was hers.
I've tracked down the culprit, a small U-shaped crack on the #4 injector
line from the pump to the injector.  It's right on the last l turn before
the injector.
I took the line to the local NAPA to see if they could make me one, and the
guy at the shop said he wouldn't be able to replicate the seating flange.
So, I'm on the search for a used line.  I'm wondering if anyone on the list
would have a spare line I could buy off them.  Or, if you knew where else I
could find one.

Also, as per the current injector seal conversation.  We are running B99 on
this car, and the injector return lines have been replaced with Viton.  I've
always had mercedes diesels, and haven't had any rubber issues with many
gallons of B99.  Where can I buy one of these injector seal replacements,
and is it something that a somewhat experienced DIY'er could do?

Chris Jude
Seattle, WA

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