[Vwdiesel] crankshaft back from machine shop

Kenneth E. Oldrid koldrid at uvm.edu
Wed Mar 22 22:43:53 EST 2006

Here is an update of my ecodiesel bottom end project:
I had my crankshaft reground because of a failed connecting rod 
bearing. The main journals are .25mm under and the rod journals are 
.50mm under. The main bearings looked fine, but they said my crankshaft 
was slighty bent. Apparently straightening it involved the main bearing 
I'm going with new front and rear seals, Internediate shaft seal and 
bearing, head gasket, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket and new piston 
rings. I'd redo the valves, but I'm going over budget as it is. I'm 
going to get a used connecting rod for it. I figure it needs to be from 
a turbo motor to be of the same composition, or does that matter?
I'll start the reassembly monday.


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