[Vwdiesel] still no audi injector line

Chris Jude vegbenz300 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 15:14:14 EST 2006

I'm still searching for an injector line for my girlfriend's 1980 Audi
5000S.  Not having much luck with the online salvage parts searches.  I'm
getting a bit worried about the future of finding parts for this car.
Does anyone have any other leads or ideas on finding an injector line for
this engine?
I'm wondering if i could take a VW injector line and bend it to the shape I
need.  Or if a hydraulic shop could manufacture one for me, or if someone
knows of a junkyard around western washington state that may have an old
audi.  Or, what it would take to weld up the small crack that's in the final
bend of the line.

It's been spraying biodiesel around the engine compartment, and I sure don't
want to see that timing belt degrade!

Carnation, WA
1980 Audi 5000S  151K

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