[Vwdiesel] still no audi injector line

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Tue Mar 28 00:06:26 EST 2006

Chris Jude wrote:

>I'm still searching for an injector line for my girlfriend's 1980 Audi
>5000S.  Not having much luck with the online salvage parts searches.  I'm
>getting a bit worried about the future of finding parts for this car.
>Does anyone have any other leads or ideas on finding an injector line for
>this engine?
>I'm wondering if i could take a VW injector line and bend it to the shape I
>need.  Or if a hydraulic shop could manufacture one for me, or if someone
>knows of a junkyard around western washington state that may have an old
>audi.  Or, what it would take to weld up the small crack that's in the final
>bend of the line.

The Mercedes shop manual for my old '65 190Dc (in even worse shape than 
my VWs) gives the proceedure for manufacturing new lines for that car.  
MB (at least in the '60s) gave their mechanics and other readers credit 
for some initiative.  Pretty straightforward, if you have the right 
flare tool, access to the proper tubing, and all of the specs. including 
exact length of tubing (accounting for upset at the flare), tubing 
diameter, wall thickness, flare diameter and depth.  Oh, and apparently 
you have to have a gas shielded fornace to anneal the tubing at the 
flare, too.  And a very rigorous cleaning regimene.  The pipe bends 
don't seem to be that critical, just no sharp curves and along the 
general lines of the old tube. 

I don't know if that really  helps, but if you get really desperate....


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