[Vwdiesel] 11mm and 12mm Head Bolts

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Hi Loren;
	You are right the small oil return hole head is a 1.5. The early 1.6
head with the larger oil return also used 11 mm bolts. The later 1.6 head
with the larger oil return hole used 12 mm stretch bolts. You can use the
early 1.6 head on a 12mm 1.6 block by just taking a drill and enlarging the
bolt holes in the head so that the 12 mm stretch bolts will fit through.
Been there and done that.
Brian Decker

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> Does anyone know if you can Identify a 11mm and a 12mm Head without bolts
> and off the engine?

  Measure the holes?  I know if it has the small oil return holes then 
it's a 1.5 but you can have an 81 which has large returns with 11mm 
bolt holes.  I'd just use a caliper and measure the holes.  Should be 
able to scrounge up an old 12mm stretch bolt from someone since 
they're a one time use item.  If it fits then it's a 12mm head.  If it's 
really tight or won't go in, it's an 11mm!  ;-)
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